Sunday, April 1, 2012

{the simple things} balance bike

When I was a kid, everyone had training wheels and learned to ride their bike at age 5 or 6. Apparently, those days are long gone. Well, I know my childhood days are long gone, but I didn't realize how much things have changed when it comes to learning to ride a bike. I mean come on, it's a bike and these things don't change, do they?

Let me tell you, they do. These days, you see three year olds riding bikes, and two year olds ride balance bikes. My boys not being as quick with their feet as with their little mouths, they weren't quite as fast. But big brother rode his balance bike at age 3, and a regular bike at age 4. We never even got training wheels.

I was sure little brother would learn that even sooner, but while he can be extremely determined, in this case he apparently decided that there was no need to learn to ride something when he could comfortably ride (or better yet, being pushed on) his tricycle. But since he turned three in March and the weather has been gorgeous until about last Thursday, we pulled out the balance bike, adjusted the saddle to the lowest position and started practicing every day.

By day three, he was riding by himself. He still doesn't go fast and prefers to go downhill, but these things will come sooner that I'd like. By the end of the summer you'll see me running, desperately trying to catch up with a bike and a balance bike and two reckless riders. Why exactly did I convince him to get off the tricycle again?

I actually took the picture above with my phone the week before last. He's doing great by himself, but not so great that I'd like to have a DSLR dangling around my neck when we go practicing. But I figured this moment needs capturing, and that's why phones these days have cameras for, right?

Jut thinking about what phones looked like when I was three. Oh don't even get me started. Anyhow, it also came in handy as we got some ice cream as reward.

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Happy Sunday!


  1. We should buy that kind of bike too!!

    1. Well, it's one more thing taking up space in the shed and they only use that for a year or so before they graduate to a real bike. But the grandpa bought it and since it's being used by two boys, that's ok. Besides, everyone here has them these days, and they do learn to ride their bikes very quickly once they get the hang of the balance bike...

  2. my daughter is almost 5 and i'm feeling behind because she's not riding a bike without training wheels yet. she said she wants to work on it now that the weather is nice. i suppose it's time. cute pic of your boy riding.

    1. I wouldn't worry about that at all - the teachers at elementary school recently told us that it would be better if the kids could ride a bike when they go to school - which is between ages 6 to 7 here. So don't let anyone put pressure on you because two years olds are zooming by on balance bikes. It's not aways a good idea ;)

      Thanks for stopping by & happy Sunday!

  3. I"ve seen this growing trend lately with balance bikes. We didn't go that route with my son, he learned really quickly, in fact the training wheels came off when he was 4. I was shocked at how well he learned this skill. However, my daughter has no interest in getting on the 12" bike with training wheels. She is very comfortable on her tricycle which she is fastly outgrowing at the age of 3. I had been tempted to try the balance bike with her though.

    Great pic by the way. Love the instagram app!

  4. My 4-year old got one last year, but is very "nervous" on it so we stick to the backyard. :) I think it's the coolest thing ever! And, that biking shot is so, so great!


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