Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sew cute part 3: hats & scarves

Do your kids grow overnight, too? Because mine do. One day the shirts fits, next time you pull it out of the dresser the sleeves are too short. And no, it did not shrink in the dryer. And it just starts with shirts. Next up are pants and then the jackets don't fit anymore. New jackets are in order - and if you ask Mommy, then new jackets mean new hats, too. You can't possibly have the kids wear the old, blue hats with new black and yellow jackets, now can you? 

So I tried making hats, using interlock fabric, one of the hats we had as a template and this tutorial. "Oh, that's easy" said my mom. Well, yes, it is. Once I understood how it works. Which means I look at my laptop and re-read the tutorial about five times per step. Then sew one step. Read. Read again. Sew some more. 

Once I started, I couldn't stop anymore. I made loop scarves to match.

And then some. Brown ones with green to match their green summer jackets and brown vests. Blue ones for their best buddies.

And green with vibrant stripes for a friend's daughter.

Here's the set.

Oh, and here are the first ones I made. All because I couldn't find anything to go with their new black jackets. Yeah, they are a little bit, uhm, lively. Interesting. But I love them, and so do the boys.

These are so easy to make that I have a hard time not buying any more fabric. I mostly followed the tutorial, except I didn't sew from the top down both sides. Lazy me started at one side, sewed to the top, turned the needle and sewed the other side down. Ha. Basically what you do is half sew two hats, fit them inside each other, sew together, turn and sew all the way around, thereby closing the opening. My mom was right, it is easy.

What have you been up to recently?



  1. oh das will ich auch machen :) hast du das schnittmuster gefunden oder selbst eins gemacht?

    1. Na für dich ist das ein Kinderspiel! Schnittmuster ist selbstgemacht nach einer alten Mütze, kann ich aber einscannen und dir schicken wenn du magst. Die Autos wären bestimmt auch was für Logan!


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