Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sew cute part 2: Oilcloth Easter baskets

Ok everyone, I have officially caught the sewing bug. Big time. I just can't stop. Of course, my list of things to sew grows longer much faster than the pile of things I sew. Naturally. But I can't help smiling at the fact that I actually make things.

Much nicer than household chores, if you ask me. Last much longer, too. So my windows are still dirty. But I made this:

You see, over the weekend I came across a free tutorial for making kids Easter baskets. Hmm... I was going to try and sew bunnies, but then again, the kids have enough stuffed animals already. But a basket, hmm... We went to Ikea recently and got these great oilcloth tablecloths. Hmm... Those would work.

And they did. Oh how they did.

I made the handles from the white oilcloth. Of course I didn't iron on any interfacing, because ironing and oilcloth don't really go together. Plus, it's sturdy enough. But also I'm just lazy. Which is why this tutorial is so great. It's based on a simple piece of paper (A4 here in Europe, but I'm sure it can be done with a letter size one, too). You simply cut two corners out and use it as your template. Easy.

I also didn't sew around the top at the end. Sewing on the right side of the oilcloth is a bit tricky and so I decided to call it a day. Hey, I'm not a pro. And they are just fine without it. Even my little inspector here seemed to agree.

So I made a red one. And a turquoise one. And then another one. And two more. Really bad case of the sewing bug, I'm telling you. To my defense, these are just perfect. Not just for hunting eggs, no. They're good for taking toys to the park. Shopping for strawberries on the market. Packing your bathing suit for summer (hey, I can dream, right?). Or simply the everyday collection of rocks, leaves and sticks.

The oilcloth is really cheap and two of these tablecloths are good for more baskets than even I can sew.

We also dyed eggs today. So Easter bunny, if you're reading this: I think we're prepared to hunt some extra eggs this year!


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  1. die sehn ja echt super aus. ich hab auch schon mein naechstes naeh projekt im kopf. muss nur noch warten bis der kleine seinen mittagsschlaf macht :)

    1. Danke dir! Jetzt hat's mich echt gepackt. Ich hab zwar immer noch nicht die leiseste Ahnung, was ich hier mache, aber den Kindern ist's zum Glück egal ob die Nähte gerade sind... Bin schon sehr gespannt auf dein nächstes Projekt!



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