Saturday, April 14, 2012

{the simple things} Sunday walk

What do boys do when the see a big pile of dirt? Right, climb all the way to the top and throw down rocks and pieces of dirt.

Blue skies! You have to love blue skies on a Sunday morning.

We even found some blossoms on the way. Well, at least I did. The boys were too busy throwing dirt and riding bikes. Oh well.

Wishing you a sunny Sunday!



  1. What a great time! I really love the colors in these shots.

  2. Nice photos! My son did something similar just last weekend when we went for a walk and came across a large dirt pile. I guess boys and dirt just go together! :)

  3. I love the perspective on that first one- well done!

  4. Those are beautiful! The vibrancy is amazing!

    Jamie @

  5. absolutely lovely shots!!! And I love your new little design here, so cool and neat..:)


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