Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY photo background

This is one of those ideas I came across one night reading blogs, like so many ideas. Too many ideas. So you could say this is one of the few that eventually made it into reality. Thanks to my love (and some minor nagging on my part. OK, a lot).

I found it here. It's a painted cork board used as photography background. My genius husband of course not only painted one side white, no, he used black chalkboard paint on the other side.

I got a fairly small one which easily tucks into a corner when not in use. And it's much, much better than the green wallpaper in my office! So it's black...

and white!

Since it's a cork board, you can simple pin stuff on it.

Did I mention I love it? Now I only have to figure out how to take good blog photos with the new background(s).

Any suggestions, especially for those difficult light situations like too much sunshine or gray skies? What's your favorite background? I'd love to hear.


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