Thursday, April 19, 2012

Swedish window shopping. Or is it phone shopping?

I took a little trip to Ikea last week. Nothing exciting, just getting some chairs for the porch and matching pillows. Black ones. Yeah, I know so cheerful, isn't it? But you see, we have a white house, and besides - I have two boys. And three cats. So black is good.

Anyhow. Apart from the oh so exciting black outdoor cushions, I did see a few cute things. And since this is a really, really busy week with an even busier weekend, I'm just going to show you some bad pics taken with my phone camera and call this a post today... (hey, at least it's got nothing to do with sewing!).

Unlike the black, this insulated bag here is quite bright. Maybe a little too bright for me, but it does look like summer.

This is baby bedding. So cute. Doubt that my boys would go crazy over it though.

Dito for this one. Or maybe I could get away with it, since it has all sorts of paw prints on it. Love it!

Don't you just love those birds?

These little guys I actually got, a set of three tins. I have the previous model and was quite bummed the last time I was there to get more of them and they were sold out. I have to say I like the new ones even better.

I also liked these ones. There are enough cushions on my sofa though. Sigh.

I didn't realize they had started selling that bucket in other colors than cream. Love it.

That planter would look so cool with the black cushions on my porch... But almost 40 EUR for one? I don't think so.

What are your favorite products currently?



  1. ja, warum sind uebertoepfe eigentlich immer so teuer? den eimer haben wir uebrigens in gruen bei logan im zimmer stehen fuer die windeln. allerdings kann man die da nicht besonders lange drin lassen oder man kann dann bald im zimmer nicht mehr atmen ;)
    neues blog design?

    1. Frage ich mich auch! Ich hab einen Eimer für Bastelsachen. Für Lego fänd ich den auch toll aber ich glaube, das ist viel zu laut ;)

      Das Blogdesign ist nur ne Blogger Ansichtseinstellung - ich dachte, ich probiere das mal aus. Man bekommt einen besseren Überblick über die Posts. Aber so ganz überzeugt bin ich noch nicht. Was meinst d? Ich überlege schon ob ich wieder umschalte auf normale Ansicht...


  2. love that hawaiian fabric...lovely and cheerful and just my cup of tea! ^_^


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