Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter!

We're getting ready for Easter around here. This week, we dyed a basket full of eggs. We also did bunny cookies, made Easter baskets and I bought lots of little chocolates and gummy bears. Today I spent my last day off from work sewing a pretty bag for myself before picking little brother up from preschool and making strawberry panna cotta. Lots to show you, hopefully there will be some time next week to catch up on posting all the photos I took.

Tomorrow we'll be getting ready to have friends over for the weekend, which means more cooking, baking (chocolate cake and carrot cupcakes, yum!) and getting the house clean - it's been totally neglected except for basic upkeep since I've been sewing all week! That sewing bug really has side effects, let me tell you. Sticky floors, dusty surfaces and I'm not even going to get started on my windows. Oh well. At least I got all the laundry done today.

So here are some pics of the boys dyeing eggs.

"Wow, looks like blood, mommy!" Boys. What can I say.

More color.

Almost a rainbow full. We used cold colors, figuring those would still be messy but better for the boys than the boiling hot ones. I was still a little worried about my counter.

Of course little brother got the red on his hands instead of on the eggs.

Big brother loved the green ones, although they're not very bright since I had organic eggs and they came only in brown. Oh well.

They still made some pretty colors.

I considered stamping them, but in the end, laziness won I thought they were just as pretty without any added embellishments.

Now we really need to cross our fingers for some warmer and most importantly dry weather so we get to go egg hunting in the yard!

The next couple days will be busy and I'm too tired to schedule any posts, besides, that would still mean I'd have to get photos off the camera, edit them, write something cohesive - not gonna happen tonight!

So tell me, what are your Easter plans?

Have fun!

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