Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March home projects update

March was not my most productive month when you look at getting home projects done. Starting the month off with little brother’s birthday party and a changed work schedule, that didn’t leave too much energy for organization projects. Then came the gorgeous weather and we went out every day practicing with little brother’s training bike. Anyhow. Here’s what I did get done.

Find a space for remaining craft supplies like those recycling items I keep for crafting. I got one of those metal Ikea buckets with a lid which fits quite a few items. Still not all of them though. Sigh.

I actually ended up using some of the recycling stuff for storing my stamps. These plastic trays usually hold those tiny tomatoes. Now they're home to old and new stamps.

Get a cork board as photography backdrop.
My sweet husband did that one for me. One side is painted white, and the other he painted black using chalkboard paint. It’s fairly small so it stores easily when not in use but it’s great as an impromptu backdrop. Hopefully that should mean fewer photos with that green wallpaper in the back… we’ll see.

Get some more cork to make a pinboard. Well, this didn’t get done because I simply decided we won’t need it. Too many things around that little desk anyway. But I did cross it off the list.

Organize kid’s art and craft projects. Well, I wish I had really done that, but at least I do have a plan and a much better system now. I’m using a small drawer in my kitchen as a temporary storage space for them and try to remember to take photos of the boys with their artwork when they bring it home. It then goes upstairs to my office where I scan the rest and put the ones I want to keep in a simple folder. Now, the real work will be making a photo book of all their art, one for each kid. And I haven’t even started yet. Yikes.

Do a pantry challenge and clear some of the built-up groceries from the holidays. We did that here and there, trying to use up the stuff in the pantry (which is a kitchen cabinet btw) before buying something new. It’s not all done but significantly reduced. Now I need to do the same for my baking supplies...

Outside of the house. With the warm weather we’ve been spending time on this one, obviously. Most items are still work in progress, but we did clean up the sandbox and got some new mulch for the surrounding area. And ordering new plants is way up there on my to do list. For a week now actually, but let’s just not talk about that.

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  1. That lidded bucket is pure genius!
    I have quite a few ideas of how I could use one.
    Thanks, as always, for inspiring me.
    Love from,


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